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I can help you establish safe spaces with practices, protocols, and commitments designed to ensure that our theatres are inclusive, supportive, and thriving environments for women.

I strive to provide strong, central, complex roles for women, and can work with your actors to provide them with all the tools they need to create female characters on stage that move beyond narrow gender stereotypes. Through non-traditional casting, I work strategically to strengthen women's presence on the stage and to shift the focus of the narrative away from male-dominant storytelling. I teach women and girls how to take up more space, and I frequently work with all-female ensembles. 


I encourage dialogue and action to address sexism within our theatre communities, and I am available as a consultant or speaker to work with theatres and theatre organizations to address sexual harassment within our community. 

I am a trained Domestic Violence crisis counsellor, and I have worked with many theatre practitioners whose focus is on conflict resolution. I have facilitated workshops in prisons, youth detention centres, and juvenile hall diversion programs.

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