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I have been working in theatre for over three decades. My experience is multiform, and my journey has been immensely fulfilling.


I started out young as a dancer, discovered theatre in high school, graduated with a BA (Hons) in Dramatic Arts and Dance at Bretton Hall College, and then cut my teeth as a professional actor through the rigor and demands of touring theatre. In more recent years, I turned my focus to teaching and directing. Since 2007, I have directed over 130 plays, and taught hundreds of students. 


I have worked in theatres, universities, conservatories, prisons, community centers, and on city streets and parks. Along the way, I have shared the path with many talented, courageous, and inspiring people, including professional performers and student explorers of all ages, military veterans, people within the justice system, domestic violence survivors, and internationally respected theatre practitioners.

I have traversed genres; from the experimental to the classical I have harnessed theatre, dance, poetry, and the visual arts.

My approach is intuitive and immediate, multi-disciplinary, collaborative, inquisitive, and honest. 

I am committed to theatre that asks questions, challenges perceptions, and seeks change.

Contact me here to find out more!

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