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I have been working in theatre for over three decades. I have a wealth of experience to share, most notably in community engagement, horizontal governance, addressing institutionalised sexism, building ensemble, and devising original theatre.


I can work with you to establish a clear understanding of community engagement, and then put that understanding into practice. 

I have created community engagement projects in prisons, HM YOI's, with domestic abuse service organizations, youth groups, isolated rural communities, and inner-city housing projects. 

I can provide a platform through which your community can gain a voice, share stories, and translate those stories into dynamic, empowering theatre performances.




LTC is process of horizontal governance.​ It takes the principles of consent and applies them across multiple organizational platforms.

With consent as a guiding force, you have the opportunity to radically change the social dynamics within your company, providing an environment in which everyone has a place at the table.

It is a radical commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.




Placing women at the centre of the narrative is a core tenet of all my work. As a director and teacher, I am committed to moving women from the periphery of the cast to the centre of the stage, from the subplot to the core of the narrative, from the backdrop of history, to a very real representation of our true vital role.

I can work with you to assess how to achieve gender parity in casting, design teams, and programming, how to establish safe spaces, and how to address sexual harassment.

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Essential to my work in creating gender parity and horizontal governance is a commitment to collobarative, ensemble based theatre. If you're interested in learning more about how to build ensemble casts with a commitment to inclusive and equitable creative processes, contact me to discuss details. 

Creating true ensembles starts right at the beginning of your artistic process, from deciding on your season of work, setting budgets, establishing design teams, and knowing what to look for in casting. 



Embarking on a rehearsal process without a script for the first time can be both terrifying and exhilarating. Once you're accustomed to the process, it can become compelling and empowering. There is a spectrum of possibilities when it comes to process, and the approach you adopt will depend on the particulars of your project/group/goals. 


I am available as a consultant, director, or facilitator to guide you through the process. Contact me to start a discussion about your particular needs.

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