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- a brief pause.

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After the upheaval of moving from California back to the UK during a global pandemic, I am taking a year to slow down, reflect, and plan.


I am still working remotely with Theatre Lunatico in Berkeley to keep our program of work moving forward, and to support the post-pandemic relaunch of the Subterranean Theatre. We have an exciting new collaboration in the works with two Bay Area directors. Details will be announced soon on our website

I am also writing. During the pandemic and lock down I started researching my family history, a fascinating journey that has become something of an obsession. During the process I discovered a story that left me shaken to the core. It's a tale of tragedy and immense courage that needs to be told...

And I am taking time to reconnect with my UK theatre community. We have some projects brewing quietly in the background, and I hope to have further news to share about that soon.

Meanwhile, I'm still available to teach classes in person locally, or online. 

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