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SF Chronicle May 30, 2022

Learning How to Grieve

by Lily Janiak

Learning how to grieve the past two years with Sarah Ruhl's and Theatre Lunatico's help...


TBA Online August 26, 2020

Paths to Empowerment

by Nicole Gluckstern

How Theatre Collectives Are Building Equitable Power Structures


East Bay Express October 29, 2019

Tina Taylor is Always On The Move

by Lou Fancher

The director behind Convoy 31000 talks about what the story of women in World War II can teach us about the present.

kursk listening.jpg

SF Chronicle March 26, 2018

Female Characters Experts for Once

by Lily Janiak

all the more striking because director Tina Taylor casts the play with an all-women ensemble


The Monthly

Something's Brewing in the Basement

by Sam Hurwitt

Theatre Lunatico continues a storied theater phenomenon at La Val's.

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