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[courses in Shakespeare for professional actors and students]

Shawn Oda as Lennox in Macbeth


Rejecting entrenched stereotypes, this course will provide you with all the tools you need to discover authentic, relevant, nuanced women within Shakespeare’s texts. We will explore:


  • an investigative approach to developing character, sifting fact from fiction.

  • a bare bones process through which we strip text down to identifiable, undiluted clues.

  • acknowledging and ditching habitual suppositions and breaking through our inherited biases.

  • gender swapping and gender fluidity in our character choices and development; when, where, and why.. 


Our work will start with Lady Anne’s dilemma in Richard III, after which participants will choose their own character from Shakespeare to work on. We will develop individual performance within a supportive group framework.


Additionally, we will explore the obstacles we continue to face in bringing our feminist voices to the stage, and set out clear strategies for what we can do to overcome them!


This course will enable you to create female characters that surprise, illuminate, challenge and thrill audiences.

Weekly online classes running for 6 Sessions

GROUP A - USA Pacific Standard Time sessions: Tuesdays starting November 10 (6:30pm-8:00pm PST)

GROUP B - UK Greenwich Mean Time sessions: Wednesdays starting November 11 (6:30pm-8:00pm GMT)


$150-175 sliding scale - USA sessions

£95-120 sliding scale - UK sessions

ABOUT TINA TAYLOR: I have been teaching and directing Shakespeare for over ten years to both professional actors and students. My approach is bare-bones and investigative, honouring Shakespeare's original text whilst identifying and discarding our inherited bias. Through this process we clear the ground for characters to emerge that are authentic and relevant to contemporary audiences. 

Contact me here for more details.

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