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I am available to teach classes online or

in person in the UK. 

I can adapt my classes to fit your theatre training needs, please contact me.



One-to-one monologue coaching to prepare you for your audition, or simply help you brush up on your skills. I can work with you alone, or within a small supportive group.


"Tina has the wonderful ability to think outside the box with character development.  She brings every role to life. You will not regret working with her" - Monica Snell, actor



I teach performances skills in multiple genres, including method acting, improvisation, ensemble physical theatre, devised theatre, and classic scripts. I am available either for solo work, or for group classes.

"Tina Taylor is an incredible artist, a joy to work with, a force to be reckoned with... 10/10 would recommend."  - Isabelle Grimm, actor

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I will teach you how to create original performances, either as a solo artist or as an ensemble, using multiple genres, unconventional venues, poetry, myth, history, and personal stories. 

 "Tina works like a painter. She... utilizes the actor’s individuality and intuitiveness, and then layers on details of physical movement and sound. The result is exhilarating to perform." - Shawn Oda, actor.



I will help you navigate the complexities and delights of iambic pentameter in order to find your own contemporary voice within Shakespeare's rich and challenging verse.

"I love working with Tina.  Her aesthetic of stripping away pretense, and getting text and story down to its bare, raw essentials is invigorating." - Michael Barr, actor 

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Rejecting entrenched stereotypes, this course will provide you with all the tools you need to discover authentic, relevant, nuanced women within Shakespeare’s texts.

"Tina Taylor... will let you roll with the words in your own way... and allows your true self to emerge within Shakespeare's incredible verse and prose. If you've never done Shakespeare, or have done it a lot--you can have a wonderful experience. I highly recommend this class!" - Eileen Fisher, actor 



Take control over your breath and vocal energy!  Covering projection, diction, breath control, pacing, rhythm, resonance, vocal range and tone, I will help you own and strengthen your unique voice so that you can act with skilled ease and seamless spontaneity.


"Tina Taylor...changes the air into electricity and magnetism. Unafraid of emotions and deeply sensitive to nuance." - Karen Penley, writer & performance artist


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